Arcalian Adventures

In the Beginning

Aboard an airship headed towards the Arcalian capitol, Crystal City, three adventurers, Rufkore, Ollera, and Gingerbeer awaken from a haze. In short order, they discern a few disturbing truths about the airship: First, in the airship’s hold, there is an incredibly dangerous criminal; second, the arrogant (yet dashing) captain has refused any form of guard on this mission, insisting that the honor for delivering this captive be his, and his alone; third, every crew-member has a name that starts with J.

After a brief….. interlude between the captain and Gingerbeer, Rufkore discerns, from his position in the crow’s nest, a ballista missile has been fired at the airship. Before he can react, the giant arrow pierces the airship’s balloon, and sends the whole thing hurtling towards the ground. Then the balloon catches fire. Through a combination of quick thinking and a ruthless sacrifice of the captain and crew, the party cuts the balloon free of the ship, and uses it’s quickly deflating shell as a parachute, landing safely.

Driven either by greed or guilt, the party tracks down the airship, discovering that the captive has gone missing. They track the prisoner for some distance, eventually fighting him to the death at a river crossing, several miles from the crash site.

After a well-deserved night’s rest, the party continues on their journey, heading west, towards Crystal City. Along the way, they stumble upon a goblin raiding/slaving party, where they find Gobot and Nicole, captive. After some initial mistrust, they free the two from their cage, and flee the camp, before the goblins return. Even as the goblins draw ever-nearer the camp, Gingerbeer (determined to turn some kind of profit from this chance encounter) raids the camp, discovering a treasure trove of rags… mostly crusty. Friends met, rags acquired, the party flees the scene, running madly until they are sure they have lost their pursuers.



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